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Nerve fusion technology combined with our unique drug delivery device and specialized microsurgical instruments form our NTX-001 Kit.


A novel nerve fusion system for repairing severed peripheral nerves.


NTX-001 is a kit comprised of nerve fusion technology and a specialized device intended for use during surgical nerve procedures.


The technology in our kit is designed to restore electrical signaling across a severed peripheral nerve intra-operatively, thus preventing Wallerian degeneration in axons distal to injury.

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PEG-FUSION is the application of a polyethylene glycol (PEG) using a combination of sequenced reagents to a freshly performed nerve coaptation, or neurorrhaphy, to allow the axonal membranes of the proximal and distal axonal stumps to fuse back together and re-establish full axonal continuity.


no͝o-rôr ′ ə-fē

Neurorrhaphy is the surgical suturing of a divided nerve. 

Product Pipeline

PEG-FUSION in combination with standard neurorrhaphy is superior in improving functional outcomes following peripheral nerve injury compared to standard neurorrhaphy

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Volunteers and Doctors who participate in clinical trials help make new therapies a reality. Clinical trials are carefully designed research studies in humans that evaluate the safety and efficacy of an investigational therapy.


NTX-001 has been developed as a surgical product to be used in conjunction with standard suture neurorrhaphy of a severed nerve. Use of NTX-001 is intended to safely accelerate the often slow and diminished return of function in repaired nerves.

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